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Defoaming Masterbatch

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Defoaming Masterbatch

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  • Date:2018/03/07
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Product overview

Some plastic raw materials or recycled plastics often contain traces of moisture, if not eliminate, will form a bubble or water in the processing surface of the products, the impact on product performance and appearance. However, the traditional technology of eliminating moisture by electrothermal drying machine requires premature drying of raw materials, resulting in inconvenient production. There are some shortcomings such as low production efficiency, electricity consumption, deteriorating processing environment and increased production cost.

The defoaming masterbatch is a new functional masterbatch designed to solve the blister problem of plastic products, such as PE, PP, PS and ABS, in the process of processing. The raw material can be processed by adding a small amount and mixing simply before plastic forming, without drying process, it can be shaped and processed, and has the advantages of convenient operation, increased production efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

Product application

The defoaming masterbatch can be widely used in recycled materials such as PE, PP, PS, ABS and so on.

Physical property index

1. shape: granular

2. color: white or light grey

3.MI: 1-30

4. effective component: more than 50%

Product features

1. water absorption: it can absorb water equivalent to 20% of its own weight

2., processing performance: good flow performance, good compatibility with PE and PP matrix, ordinary equipment can be used, processing technology does not need to be changed, products shrinkage is reduced, and processing cycle is shortened.

3. ideal additives: nontoxic, non irritating, good plasticizing, and uniform particle size

4. printing performance: good printing performance

Processing Guide

1. this product is directly mixed with plastic raw materials and can be processed without the need of baking raw materials.

2. the addition of 2%--8%, the general recommended dosage of 3~5%, according to the moisture content of raw materials as appropriate.

Matters needing attention

1. before the use of this product to avoid moisture absorption;

2., the mixture of plastic and defoaming masterbatch is required to be used in 24 hours. Otherwise, it is easy to appear that the defoaming masterbatch absorbs the moisture in the air and fails, and it may cause the phenomenon of blocking the filter screen.

3. for the raw materials with large moisture content, it is not recommended to increase the amount of addition, and it is easy to reduce the mechanical properties of the products. It is suggested that appropriate drying is recommended.

4. the defoaming masterbatch and raw materials are not allowed to be heated and dried together.

5. before use, check the packing is good, the unused defoaming masterbatch should be hot sealed as soon as possible.

Packaging and storage

1. the outer packing is made of paper plastic bag or carton, and the inner packing can be packed in vacuum heat seal or double layer packing.

2. the net weight of each bag (box) is 25kg, and it is divided into 5 small bags.

3. products are stored in a clean, ventilated, dry, and cool place.

4. light and light, avoid packaging breakage, air leakage, avoid sunlight exposure, rain.


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