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Calcium Carbonate Granules

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Calcium Carbonate Granules

  • Type:Calcium carbonate

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  • Date:2018/03/07
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Subdivided into three major categories, ten series of products

A. calcium carbonate category

(blowing, blow molding, casting, sheet, pipe, wire drawing, injection molding, hollow, non-woven fabrics, wood)

B. talcum powder category

(blowing, blow molding, casting, sheet, pipe, wire drawing, injection molding, hollow, non-woven fabrics, wood)

C. barium sulfate category

(blowing, blow molding, casting, sheet, pipe, wire drawing, injection molding, hollow, non-woven fabrics, wood)

Product overview

Plastic filled masterbatch is a new type of polymer modified material. It uses nano surface modification technology to coat ultrafine particles, and uses special dispersion technology to disperse ultrafine particles in resin, and produces excellent composite materials.

The masterbatch is well plasticized, using inorganic materials and other natural materials, which saves petroleum resources and recyclable use, so as to achieve high performance and reduction of plastic products.

Product application

Plastic filler masterbatch is a kind of high-grade plastic modified materials, suitable for PE, PP, ABS and other raw materials for film blowing, blow molding, casting, sheet, pipe, wire drawing, control, injection molding, non-woven fabrics, wood processing.

Physical property index

1. shape: granular

2. appearance: white

3. natural substance Natural substance 70~80%

4. dispersant Dispersant:2%

5. lubricant Lubricant:2%

6. carrier Carrier Resin:16~26%

Product features

1. product cost: according to the specific situation, can add more than 15%, can reduce the product cost more than 5%.

2. products: the elimination of light, texture smooth, better printing performance..

3., processing performance: good flow performance, good compatibility with PE, PP, ABS and other resins. Ordinary equipment can be used, processing technology does not need to change, and excellent processing performance can improve production efficiency.

4. additive ideal: non-toxic, no stimulation, good plasticity, uniform particle size; natural environment for environmental protection material easy consumption, can partially replace petroleum resources.

Processing Guide

Because the plastic filled masterbatch has good plasticizing and fluidity, the addition of plastic filled masterbatch can reduce the processing temperature by 5 degrees. The typical addition ratio is 10%-40%. The customer can adjust accordingly.

Packaging and storage

1. the outer packing adopts the compound packing bag, the inner packing adopts the plastic packing bag.

2. net weight per bag 25kg;

3. products are stored in a clean, ventilated, dry, and cool place.

4. light and light, avoid packaging breakage, avoid sunshine, rain and rain.

5. if the packaging is damaged or the mother material is dampened, the defoaming masterbatch can be added to solve it.

Other instructions

The plastic filled masterbatch is in conformity with the SGS and other inspection specifications.


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