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Special black mother

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Special black mother

  • Type:Universal color masterbatch

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  • Date:2018/03/07
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Color Masterbatch

Suitable for PE, PP, PS, ABS and other different materials, various colors, different fields of products. High concentration, strong coloring force, good weatherability and good dispersibility. According to the customer's different needs, the product meets the standards of RoHS, SGS and so on.

A. universal color masterbatch

The products are widely used in various kinds of plastics and have many brands.

application area

A. film blowing products: packaging bags, casting film, coating film, multilayer composite film, high-grade printing film, high-grade composite film and so on.

B. is suitable for many applications, such as injection products, extrusion pipes, cable materials, modified coloring, and so on.

B. injection grade color masterbatch

This series of color masterbatch is a brand product developed by our company. It is suitable for the coloring of all kinds of general plastic injection parts, and has many series of products, such as white, black, red, color and so on. Its quality is stable, its cost performance is high, and its technical advantage is obvious. It is widely used in injection molding of automobile parts, toys, daily necessities, household appliances (washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator and so on).

C. extrusion grade color masterbatch

This series of color masterbatch has high pigment content, light resistance number, excellent dispersion and thermal stability, and the product has high mechanical strength retention rate.

application area

A. film blowing products: rubber bag, casting film, coating film, multilayer composite film and so on.

B. blow molding products: pharmaceutical cosmetics containers, hollow containers, paint barrels and so on;

C. extrusion products: all kinds of sheet, sheet, pipe and so on;

D. drawing products: woven bags,

Usage method

In the process of production and use, color masterbatch usually does not need to replace equipment and production process. With traditional technology, a certain proportion of color masterbatch is blended with the matrix resin, and the mixture can be stirred evenly and then can be sucked into the hopper. It is recommended to add the proportion of 2~6%, and the specific amount of addition depends on the performance requirements of the final product. If the water is contained in the raw material, it is suggested that the defoaming masterbatch should be added to dry treatment.

Packaging and storage

According to customer requirements by double packing or single polyethylene bags; should be kept in the dark, dry and ventilated place, avoid damp sai.




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