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How to improve the transparency of plastic filled masterbatch

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How to improve the transparency of plastic filled masterbatch

Date:2018-03-08 Author:塑料填充母料 Click:

Gloss and transparency is an important factor to measure the quality of plastic filler masterbatch, how to improve the gloss and transparency of plastic filler masterbatch has become an important issue in the modern, actually increase the gloss and transparency of masterbatch, need to pay attention to five points, you can.

1. if the application is in the blow molding and blowing film, the more simple the better the formula, but to increase the amount of dispersant to make it fully dispersed.

2. Paying attention to the small granule of mixing material can improve the output and avoid the feed back.

3. If PP is used as a carrier, 3% of ethylene distearamide (EBS) can be added to improve the gloss effect.

4. we must add 0 and 5% grinding powder to stabilize the molecular structure of PP during the molding process.

5. If used in injection products, 2% of TiO2 or whitening agent can be added.

The proportion of plastic packed masterbatch is low, which is the lightest of the inorganic powder masterbatch and has excellent performance price ratio. The addition to plastic products does not affect the transparency and color of the products. The biggest feature is adding to all kinds of PP and PE products, and its influence on transparency is very small, hardly affecting the tear strength and tensile rate of the film.

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