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General use of enhanced Toughening Masterbatch

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General use of enhanced Toughening Masterbatch

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General use of enhanced Toughening Masterbatch

1., the general purpose ABS can be directly mixed with SAN, and Daqing SAN-327 and Guo Heng SAN 168 are recommended. Their nitrile content and high rubber powder match the best, which accords with the similar compatibility rule. Mixing ratio is generally 23~28:77~72, which can achieve ideal physical property index (other auxiliaries are added to normal ratio, internal lubricants 0.8~1.0, external lubricants 0.5, antioxidant 0.3). SAN doped emulsion grafting ontology widely used in domestic ABS manufacturers will need to get the ABS mixing rubber powder and SAN were blended, so high rubber in Daqing, the new lake, gppc, formotes other brands on the market is not surprising, because the ABS is upstream of the high rubber products, can continue to do the general ABS. You can also get out as finished products for sale.

2. modified ABS products, as well as do the general ABS, ABS and SAN need high rubber mixing, the only difference is in the blending with other additives, such as flame retardant ABS, need to add flame retardant agent and flame retardant synergist, typical formula: ABS powder (30%-40%, SAN, flame retardant, additives 70%---60%); heat resistant ABS do need extra points; do ABS extra glass filler containing glass fiber.

3. ABS alloy products, such as PC/ABS alloy, PA/ABS alloy, PMMA/ABS alloy, PBT/ABS alloy, the alloy material, is nothing more than two or more than two kinds of materials according to a certain proportion of physical blending, learn from each other to get more comprehensive performance of the material. As the ABS group, is also the need for SAN and high rubber mixing to obtain; the only difference is that accounts for a smaller proportion of the alloy, such as the production of PC alloy powder, high general need 8-12 (typical formula: ABS powder 30%-50%, SAN, PC, 70%---50%, performance additives) in the index, the impact reaches 600J/m, the temperature of 110 DEG of thermal deformation, Rockwell hardness of around 110.

4., toughening ABS, PC/ABS and so on. No matter the raw material is recycled, the impact strength is provided by rubber powder. Because of the aging of butadiene in rubber, the impact strength is very strong, and the impact strength can be enhanced by adding new rubber powder.

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