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Elaborate on the specific use of plastic filler masterbatch

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Elaborate on the specific use of plastic filler masterbatch

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Use of plastic filled masterbatch

In this big agricultural country, the annual production of plastic film reached about 1400000 tons, the annual demand reached about 600000 tons of plastic film, agricultural plastic products annual production reached about 3000000 tons. Our country produces 3 million 600 thousand tons of plastic packaging materials each year.

Mainly: 1. woven bags;

Plastic filled masterbatch

2. packing belt and strapping rope;

3. turnover box;

4. hollow container;

5. film bag; 6. film;

7. foam plastics;

8. net;

9. hose;

10. compound irrigation and other plastic production.

Plastic masterbatch is one of the most important forms of plastic auxiliaries in the world.

The composition of the masterbatch is made up of a carrier resin, a filler and a variety of auxiliaries. The content of masterbatch additives or fillers limit several times to ten times than the actual requirements in the plastic products. In the process of processing, the proportion of the mother material and the matrix resin must be adjusted according to the content of the related components in the masterbatch and the quantity needed to be added in the actual product. The masterbatch can usually be divided into common material and functional masterbatch, such as color masterbatch, anti fog masterbatch, and so on. The main component of the filled material is the filler, which is mainly used for the processing of polyolefin, and also for the polyolefin filled masterbatch.

The composition of polyolefin filled masterbatch is made up of three parts: carrier resin, filler and various auxiliaries. Among them, 90% of the fillers were filled. Polyolefin plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and other polyolefin plastics are produced with polyolefin filled materials. For example, polyethylene blow molding products, polyethylene injection products and polyethylene films, polypropylene woven bags, woven fabrics and packing belts are all polyolefin filled masterbatch. When selecting raw and auxiliary materials to fill the masterbatch of olefin, it is necessary to consider its good performance and low cost.

The concentration of fillers and auxiliaries in the filled masterbatch is large. When used, a certain amount of matrix resin must be added, and then processed after mixing, and the filler will play a filling role. Packing and additives can serve as special functions of plastic products, such as light, flame retardancy, electricity, degradation and so on, which are all called functional filler materials. The color masterbatch, light conversion masterbatch, high efficient insulating film masterbatch, anti fog masterbatch and degrading masterbatch are all functional materials.

The resin component or base material dispersed in the reinforced plastic or other reinforced materials is a masterbatch. Our country has already produced more than 21 million tons of plastics each year, which is a big plastic country in the world. At least 2 million 100 thousand tons of all kinds of plastic products come from hyper differential minerals every year.



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