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The development strategy of plastic defoaming masterbatch and filling masterbatch industry

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The development strategy of plastic defoaming masterbatch and filling masterbatch industry

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Various uses of plastic defoaming masterbatch and filled masterbatch

Plastic woven products using different types and models of filling masterbatch for more than 50% of the total, so the new national standard plastic bags by implementing effect on reducing demand of filling masterbatch, filling masterbatch industry will be forced to make necessary adjustments in the strategy of development.

1.1 will continue for polypropylene and polyethylene plastic bag filling masterbatch products stronger to do in history for a long period in the future, although there will be as the main raw materials of polyester woven bag, plastic woven products and the number of a certain proportion compared with PP PE, but as the main raw materials will continue to occupy the dominant position, but as the market demand the total increase in the speed of more than 10%, filling masterbatch industry is still full of vitality, full of confidence to do so, on the existing basis, continue to do more, do better.

1.2 improve the types and proportions of the raw and auxiliary materials, improve the processing technology and equipment, so that the ratio of the cost of the filled material is significantly improved.

Calcium carbonate powder, 1.2.1 fine powder as everyone knows, not the smaller the particle size, as long as the dispersed well, the better the mechanical properties of filled plastics. For example, in the PE thin film, the different particle size of heavy calcium carbonate, at the same time as the addition of the number of phases, PE thin film

The mechanical properties of PE films filled with calcium carbonate were better than that of the finer particles. With the development of the application and market demand of the filler masterbatch, the improvement of the powder surface treatment equipment, the mixing equipment of each component, and the improvement of the mixing equipment's structure and performance are suitable for the processing technology and equipment of filling master batch. From the perspective of filling masterbatch production enterprises, not only requires a mix of good mixing effect, reflected in the heavy calcium powder particles in matrix plastics can be evenly dispersed, agglomeration is slight, and energy consumption per unit of product requirements as low as possible, the use of artificial less.

1.2.2 use the talcum powder as the main raw material for the production of filling masterbatch, heavy calcium carbonate as co recognized as the main raw material of plastic filler masterbatch products have been production enterprises and users, but also realize that there are some shortcomings in the process of production and use, such as dust problems, acid resistance problems, electrostatic problem, exterior problem etc..

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