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Do you know the common defects of plastic masterbatch?

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Do you know the common defects of plastic masterbatch?

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Do you know the common defects of plastic masterbatch?

1. In the light of the sun, a striped pigment belt in the product

This problem should be taken into consideration in two aspects: the physical and mechanical properties of plastics and the molding process of plastics.

1.1 did not control the temperature of injection molding equipment, masterbatch mixing cavity can not enter fully mixed with resin.

1.2 injection machine does not add a certain back pressure, the mixing effect of the screw is not good.

1.3 color dispersion is good or not good plasticizing resin.

The process can be debugged as follows: 1. the temperature of the mixing chamber is slightly increased by 2. for the part of the blanking mouth, and a certain back pressure is applied to the injection molding machine.

If the above test is still not good, it may be dispersed or matching color masterbatch, resin, and color masterbatch manufacturer contact address.

2, the use of certain color masterbatch, products are easy to break

This may be due to the poor dispersal and intermiscibility caused by the poor quality of the dispersants or auxiliaries selected by the manufacturers and the physical and mechanical properties of the products.

3, according to the instructions on the use of the proportion of masterbatch, color (light)

Although the problem is simple, there are many possibilities.


3.1. Color Masterbatch without serious test color pigments, too little or too much

When the 3.2. is used, the measurement is inaccurate, and the phenomenon of the domestic enterprises, especially the small and medium sized enterprises, has a large number of phenomena.

3.3. color masterbatch and resin matching problems, this may be the choice of carrier color is improper, it may be manufacturers change resin varieties at random

3.4. masterbatch machine temperature properly, long residence time in the machine

Processing procedures: first check whether resin varieties matching, and color measurement, then adjust the machine temperature or speed, if the problem still exists to color masterbatch manufacturer.

4, the same color masterbatch, and resin formulations, injection molding machine outjection different products why color shades?

This is often caused by the cause of the injection molding machine. Injection molding machine manufacturing, due to different time or maintenance status are different, resulting in mechanical state difference, especially close to the level of the original and the heating barrel difference, the color dispersion state in a cartridge is not the same, the phenomenon will appear.

Resin 5, another brand, the same color and formula, color has changed, this is why?

Different grades of the resin melt index and density are different, so the resin properties are different, and there are differences between compatible color, which changes color, generally speaking, as long as the density and melt index have little difference, so the color difference will not be too big, can be adjusted by the amount of color masterbatch is the color.

6, color pigment migration phenomenon occurred in the process of storage will affect the quality of the product?

The content of some color pigment (or dye) is very high, in this case, the migration phenomenon is normal. Especially adding dye masterbatch, the migration occurs serious phenomenon. But this does not affect the quality of the product, because the product after injection into masterbatch, color in the normal concentration of pigment in the products.

Plastic masterbatch7, why do some injections are not good gloss?

There are a variety of possibilities:

Low nozzle temperature of 7.1. injection molding machine

Poor mold finish of 7.2. injection molding machine

The forming period of 7.3. products is too long

Titanium dioxide masterbatch containing 7.4. in too much

Dispersion 7.5. masterbatch is not good

8, after a period of time, some plastic products will fade out.

The quality of the basic pigments used by the manufacturers is not good, and the drifting phenomenon occurs.

9, why ABS masterbatch are particularly prone to color difference?

The production of different grades of ABS color, even the same brand ABS, batch number of each batch is also possible using color masterbatch coloring will appear after the color of course. This is due to the characteristics of ABS, and there is no complete solution in the world. However, this color difference is generally not serious.

Users in the use of ABS Color Masterbatch, must pay attention to the characteristics of ABS.

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