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The application of black mother in plastic products

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The application of black mother in plastic products

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In plastic products processing, black masterbatch has been used by almost everyone, used for dyeing, used for anti-aging, used for conductive products and so on. Many problems in use often disturb us.

1. What are the black masterpieces made up of?

The materials composed of black masterbatch include A. carbon black; B. carbon black carrier; C. carbon black wetting agent; D. carbon black dispersant; E. other processing aids.

2, please introduce black masterbatch with carbon black.

According to the international classification, there are more than 30 varieties in our country. It is divided into two main categories: Rubber and non rubber. In the carbon black used for rubber, it is mainly wear resistant carbon black, which can effectively improve the wearability of rubber tires. In non rubber carbon black, there are only several kinds of carbon black that can really be used as black masterbatch. Slots carbon black is the most widely used in plastics, which is mainly due to its rich source, high purity and small particle size.

3, what is the carrier of carbon black carrier?

The carrier is the substance that carries the carbon black. What raw materials are used in the general plastic products and the use of the carrier. The black masterbatch made in this way has good compatibility with the plastic material.  For example, PS (polystyrene) plastic products, the use of the black masterbatch carrier is PS.

For polyethylene plastic products, the carrier is polyethylene. However, LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) is generally chosen because LDPE has the strongest capacity for carrying carbon black, and its processing performance is good. Other polyethylene HDPE and LLDPE can only produce low concentration black masterbatch. For PP (polypropylene) plastic products, only black masterbatch with PP and LDPE carrier can be used, but black masterbatch with HDPE and LLDPE and other plastics as carrier can not be used. Of course, it is also useful for the black masterbatch of recycled materials as carrier.

4. Why does carbon black need a wetting agent?

The specific gravity of carbon black is about 2g/cm. Because of its small size, the density of carbon black is very small. It appears fluffy and seems very light.  To work smoothly, carbon black must be wetted first. The selection of wetting agents is very critical. In order to reduce the cost, use a lot of white oil or paraffin products like a few companies, will seriously affect the strength of the product processing.

5. What are the dispersants used in the carbon black masterbatch?

There are two kinds of organic dispersants and inorganic dispersants. The high grade black masterbatch uses organic dispersing agent, which is mainly used in the use of high environmental requirements of plastic products. The low-grade black masterbatch uses inorganic dispersants and often has calcium carbonate. Judging from the master batch packaging, 25 kg only half a bag is certainly the use of inorganic dispersant; pocketfuls is the use of organic dispersing agent of black masterbatch. The use of inorganic dispersants can greatly reduce the cost of black masterbatch, but it is fatal that calcium carbonate accelerates the aging of plastic products.

6, black masterbatch also need processing aids?

Yes, of course. The smooth process requires the correct selection of antioxidants, internal lubricants, external lubricants, modifiers and antistatic agents.

7. What are the processing methods for the black masterbatch?

There are three kinds: single screw method, double screw method and mixing method. Method: using single screw mixer after mixing the material, by single screw extruder brace granulation, the carbon concentration in the general 18-20%, production process backward, poor environmental conditions, is eliminated by process, do not rule out some fledgling small factories still use the method of processing.

Method: using double screw mixer after mixing the material, by twin screw extruder braces or granulation water, double screw mixing machine itself due to limited capacity, the general concentration of 25-32% in carbon black masterbatch. Internal mixer: mixing material after mixing machine and kneading with mixer, and feeding it into a twin screw extruder by feeding machine. After water ring or underwater pelletizing, the concentration of carbon black is generally 40-45%.

8. Do the processing methods have an effect on the performance of the masterbatch?

Yes. It is obvious that the carrying capacity of the carrier to carbon black can be improved by the mixing method, and the carbon black can be more evenly into the carrier. The mechanical kneading advantage of the mixer, breaking the agglomeration particles, greatly reducing the particle size of the carbon black particles, and the particle size and the fraction of the carbon black in the masterbatch.

Uniform distribution is not a substitute for the other two methods.

9. What are the outstanding performance of black masterbatch?

In the aspect of dyeing of plastic products, the black masterbatch only needs 0.6%-0.8%, it will be extremely black, and it will not be more black.

According to the experimental data show that the product in Xinjiang area for outdoor use, such as the need to rely on black masterbatch anti aging, as long as the use of high-quality black masterbatch (rather than return material as carrier, oil wetting, dispersion of calcium carbonate and so on it), content of carbon black in the products reached 2-2.5%, namely: every 100 kilograms of raw materials, 5-6 (the weight of 40%) containing carbon black masterbatch, the role played by far more than any anti aging products, product life can reach more than 10 years. This is why drip irrigation products, water delivery products, communications cable products are black. In addition, carbon black has a special contribution to the increase of the strength of the products and the enhancement of electrical conductivity.

10. In actual production, it seems that there is no black masterbatch with so many copies used.

You're right。 In practice, 2 or more black masterbatches are generally used, and then anti aging additives are added, and anti-aging and carbon black synergies are applied to prevent aging, so as to reduce the cost of products.  Besides, in the long time of outdoor use, the life requirement of products is also determined, and the consumption of black masterbatch is also reduced. The premise is that carbon black must form a continuous phase in the product, that is carbon black "film" protection plastic.

Such as adding black masterbatch too little carbon phase (i.e. small high concentration part) in WIP is not continuous in phase boundaries, plastic molecules most vulnerable, UV direct blow, accelerated aging reaction, the carbon black in the products as impurities, also do not add.

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