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Understand the small knowledge of plastic filled materials together

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Understand the small knowledge of plastic filled materials together

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Masterbatch is a mixture of various auxiliaries, fillers, and a small amount of carrier resins mixed in the process of plastic processing, which is called master batch.

The plastic filled masterbatch is made up of carrier resin, filler and various auxiliaries. The content of masterbatch additives or fillers limit several times to ten times than the actual requirements in the plastic products. In the process of molding, the proportion of the mother material and the matrix resin must be adjusted according to the content of the related components in the masterbatch and the quantity needed to be added in the actual product. The masterbatch can usually be divided into ordinary filling material (abbreviated mother material) and functional masterbatch, such as color masterbatch, anti fog masterbatch and so on. The main component of the filled material is the packing, which is mainly used for the processing of polyolefin (polyethylene and polypropylene), also called polyolefin filled matrix.

Selection of raw and auxiliary materials for polyolefin filled masterbatch:

Polyolefin filling material is composed of three parts, carrier resin, filler and various auxiliaries, in which the filler is the main component, up to 90%. Polyolefin filled masterbatch is mainly used in polyolefin plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and other polyolefin plastics. Such as polyethylene hollow blow molding products, polyethylene injection products and polyethylene film, polypropylene woven bags, woven fabric and packaging belt. When the raw and auxiliary materials filled with olefin fill materials are generally chosen, it is necessary to take into account their good performance and low cost.

(1) packing

The main filler used in polyolefin filled masterbatch is heavy calcium carbonate, followed by inorganic filler such as talcum powder, kaolin, wollastonite powder and so on. It is an important technical index for any inorganic filler, particle size and particle size distribution. The smaller the particle size is, the narrower the distribution is, the better the filling effect is. In addition, the filling effect is also related to the dispersion, the smaller the particle size is, the more difficult the dispersion is, the higher the price is. Purity is another important technical index of inorganic filler, the less the impurity content, the better the purity. In general selection of heavy calcium carbonate, its content is as high as possible, and the general requirement is above 94%. In order to reduce the cost of the masterbatch, the price should be low after the other indexes are guaranteed.

(2) carrier resin

The performance and cost of polyolefin filled masterbatch mainly depend on the carrier resin, and the general content of the carrier resin is 10%~20% according to the different uses of the masterbatch. The carrier resin used for the polyolefin filled matrix should have good compatibility with the filled plastic matrix resin. In this regard, the general carrier resin is the best choice of matrix resin. In addition, the melting point and melt fluidity of the filling material should also be considered. The melting point of the carrier resin must not be higher than that of the matrix resin. At present, some enterprises still use LDPE (1F7B) as the carrier resin, which is mainly due to the low melting point and high melt flow rate (7g/10min) of this brand. But due to high melting temperature of polypropylene (than ordinary polyethylene high 20~40 C) limits its use in polyethylene plastic, and atactic polypropylene or polypropylene powder synthesized by liquid phase bulk melting point does not exceed 100 degrees, so it is widely used as a carrier for polyolefin filling masterbatch.

Plastic filled masterbatch



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