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The shocking data ring ensures the closure of the waste plastic factory

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The shocking data ring ensures the closure of the waste plastic factory

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Garbage is misplaced resources, but the extensive waste disposal methods to the environment and human health caused great harm, the national attention and increasing degree of attention to it, for family workshops "small scattered pollution" has no tolerance, a number of environmental protection to carry out the rectification action.

Beginning in 2011 in Hebei Wen'an, Shandong Zhangqiu with the cleaning, the comprehensive rectification of environmental protection in 2013, after the 2014 2015 hedge era, the most stringent environmental law enforcement, the normalization of the 2016 environmental rectification, and instability of domestic renewable plastic small workshop production of more serious.

Starting in February this year, the environmental rectification movement has spread all over the country, stopping production, imprisonment, and accountability, becoming the most popular words in the media. Now near the end of the year, which is more than 10 months, how much waste plastic factory was shut down? A shocking data tell you the answer!

In May, 16 years -17, more than 1700 waste plastic factories in Laizhou were shut down.

Shandong city in Laizhou Province, there is a saying of "plastic town", "mechanical kingdom" name, which is known as "North Road Shahe District Wang Zhen plastic base", is one of China's important waste plastics industry cluster.

Such as the May 28, 2016 environmental rectification of thunder, the order, the size of the Laizhou market enterprises shut down all directly without power, ordered rectification, the transaction is almost stagnant.

By the end of March this year, the plastics industry concentrated more than 1700 towns in Shahe, including 30 processing households, namely, "cleaning equipment, raw materials and products," which has a history of more than 30 years. It has been the end of the national plastic recycling field of recycled plastic price vane in China.

March -6 month - outskirts of suburb all withdraw from waste plastics industry

Fujian Province Jiao Wei Zhen waste plastic waste recycling, has continued for about 20 years, in its heyday, the number of employees more than 2 people, the annual handling capacity of 350 thousand tons, in addition to the recycling business throughout the high streets and back lanes, the manufacturers are still outside the province set up more than 40 recycling company, the total annual turnover of more than 1 billion yuan.

As of March 10th, Jiao Wei Zhen issued a total of more than 600 copies rectification notice, the joint law enforcement demolition waste plastic factory built field 66, removed 23 of waste plastic field issued 673 thousand yuan compensation for demolition, closed the 119 waste plastic field verification and approval, to guide and supervise the waste plastic transition in the other industry.

To the end of June this year, the town completed plastic waste remediation tasks, basically out of waste plastic industry.

March 18th - Linghai banned 119 small plastic processing factory

Three Tai Zi Zhen Linghai city waste plastic processing point there are hundreds, the problem of environmental pollution has been a small plastic factory "environmental governance Linghai" problem".

In March 18th 4, the executive team led by the municipal government of Linghai mayor Xiao Wei personally to the three counter town 11 villages in the 119 waste plastics processing point shall be banned, the law enforcement team to take the pressure off the way of blocking its way from the source of production.

In accordance with the "Linghai city on comprehensively banned three Tai Zi Zhen waste plastics processing point of the implementation of the special action plan", Linghai city established three Ertaizi town waste plastics processing daily inspection system, strengthen the dynamic supervision, the daily management of long-term mechanism to resolutely curb illegal waste plastic processing production rebound phenomenon, to ensure the effectiveness of ban.

Stop in mid April Juxian granulation households rectification

Shandong province Juxian Liu Guanzhuang town famous Chinese Jiangbei plastic first town, the town of more than 500 enterprises engaged in plastic manufacturing, plastic manufacturing industry more than 2000 households, more than 30000 employees, the market share accounted for about 1/5 of the national market.

In order to further standardize the production, so that the majority of households of granulation of sustainable development, the town Party committee and government decided on the sewage treatment plant infrastructure upgrade, to ensure the discharge standards. During the renovation, the granulation operators need to stop production, not all households in the pipe network within the granulation ban. The time of rectifying the production was from April 1, 2017 to April 15th.

April 27th - forced demolition of large machinery

The morning of April 27th, combined with environmental protection, Yan CuO Zhen, Zhangzhou water administration law enforcement and other related departments dispatched a total of more than 100 people, large machinery, head of village 3 rectification banned closed production of plastic processing field to steal implementation of compulsory removal, demolition area of 2050 square meters, and the previously banned 33 small workshops, small factories all the wind power, to prevent stealing production.

Plastic defoaming Masterbatch

May 5th - 9 small waste plastics processing plants were shut down and shut down in Hanchuan, Hubei

Hubei Province, Hanchuan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, electric power bureau, Ma He Zhen government, police, tube, town environmental protection departments, village cadres and other coalition of environmental remediation program, the town of port angle, Yang, Hu, Zhang Wan Cun 9 small waste plastic processing plants issued "environmental rectification shall be ordered to stop production notice", and the scene seized power, banned shut down in accordance with the law.

May 5th - Ministry of environmental protection notified nearly 100 plastics processing workshops in two villages and towns in Xiongxian

According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection Bulletin, gathered nearly 60 small plastic processing factory in Longhua Gaoyang County township of Baoding City, did not apply for environmental approval procedures, organic waste gas produced by indiscriminate discharge of untreated; Xiongxian Longwan Town, Shuang Tang Xiang Township nearly 100 waste plastic processing workshop, did not do the procedures for examination and approval of environmental protection science no, any environmental treatment facilities, waste gas is directly discharged into the environment.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection announced that the towns of Ding Li Chang town, Guo Tun Town and Hou Yan Town, Yuncheng County, Heze, were scattered over 200 plastic particle factories.

May 17th - Pingdu City "two clear comprehensive ban illegal plastic processing industry

Pingdu municipal government in May 17th May 20th for illegal pollution Dazeshan plastic processing industry to carry out special rectification actions. The special rectification action by public security, environmental protection, market supervision, electric power and other departments in the organization of joint law enforcement action, actively carry out dazeshan.

At the same time, the news media are invited to keep the law enforcement action continuously followed up. All illegal processing sites for waste plastics are completely banned. " "The production site for the implementation of the" two three ", at the same time, the whole trace of law enforcement, joint law enforcement team to the scene of power production equipment, dismantling door-to-door inspection evidence and leave the file."

Joint law enforcement officers were dispatched more than 80 passengers, a total blackout of 32 waste plastics processing industry scene involving daze town 8 villages, the scene at the same time the demolition of the main production equipment 8.

292 deadline to the end of June, the plastic enterprises in Wudi County shut down all remediation, "two three" ban 98

The processing of waste plastic particles in Wudi county has a history of nearly 30 years, with a wide distribution and a large number of processing households. 292 "scattered pollution enterprises realized all shut down in accordance with the requirements of regulation, has" two three "standard banned 98, long plagued the environmental quality of the" problem "is gradually eliminated.

July 5th - Shanxi Taiyuan began to rectify the waste plastics industry in the city

The environmental protection procedures are not complete, does not conform to the industrial policy and industrial layout planning, pollutant emission standards and governance hopeless enterprise, included in the "scattered pollution" enterprise list, according to the requirements are the "two three" (i.e., the removal of raw materials, water, power, clean product removal facilities), resolutely ban.

July 29th - 2000 plastic manufacturing enterprises all shut off on Sunday

Juxian 2000 plastic manufacturing enterprises including granulation, film blowing, color printing, and other Saturday meetings, Sunday all closed. After the rectification, it should be checked and checked in time. After the acceptance is qualified, the car can be driven. No specific time, environmental assessment, safety supervision, fire fighting at the same time.

March 10th Jiao Wei Zhen rectification notice issued a total of more than 600 copies, a joint law enforcement organization and mobilization of 15 batches, compulsory demolition waste plastic field plant built in 66, the waste plastic blackout 28, handling the case 6, including 1 people detention, police detained 1 people, has been on field 673 thousand yuan compensation for waste the demolition closed 23, closed the 119 is the removal of waste plastic field verification and approval, to guide and supervise the waste plastic transition in other industries. To ensure that before the end of June this year to complete the rectification task of waste plastic, waste plastic industry basically out of town.

July - 3909 enterprises in Xiongxian were shut down and banned

Xiongxian, the largest plastic packaging and printing base in North China, has to completely shut down and ban polluting industries such as waste plastics and printing. 3909 enterprises have been shut down and banned.

August 15th - Baoding resolutely banned small plastic factories

According to the relevant requirements of the Baoding municipal government and the city district government, the other along the town decided resolutely banned plastic small stalls, small plastic processing wiped out in my town. The following notice will be announced as follows:

1, the use of 1 days time, production place of all products, raw material removal is completed, products, raw materials, will be allowed to transfer to the village and other villages or hiding places; are not allowed to be raw material or plastic waste dumped on both sides of the road, on both sides of the River and waste pit.

2. Power cut and water break should be made in the production site. There are special transformer stalls, to contact the power supply to be removed; for non domestic water and for small plastic production wells, to close.

3, the production of relevant equipment and all other places in the dismantling, processing loadometer.



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