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The development of plastic masterbatch industry at home and abroad

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The development of plastic masterbatch industry at home and abroad

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At present, China's economy is developing at a high speed. The whole society pays more and more attention to environmental protection and health problems, and plastic fiber products have received close attention from people in the daily life because of their close contacts with people. As in the plastic products widely used in color masterbatch, how to promote technological innovation, to meet the needs of society, has become a problem throughout the industry must face.

Color masterbatch is by high proportion of pigments and additives or thermoplastic resin, plastic colorant by good dispersion and it has excellent coloring effect and easy automatic metering and transportation, energy saving, no dust, no pollution, widely used in plastics, paint and other materials. In the production process of Color Masterbatch, color masterbatch quality quality directly influences the quality of color masterbatch and also directly affect the quality of plastic products. But with the pigment masterbatch has not the national standard, has been used for pigment coating standard, so after 30 years. Do not have their own industry standards, resulting in the low quality of products, part of masterbatch enterprises so the whole industry, urgently hope that the country can use standard pigment masterbatch masterbatch as soon as possible, to further standardize the product standards, to ensure the quality of the whole industry masterbatch products.

The titanium dioxide in the masterbatch production also plays a special role, according to incomplete statistics, the annual production of titanium dioxide masterbatch for 2~3 million tons of rutile used divided into high and low grades, the use of imported high-grade rutile, mid-range domestic use of domestic rutile, anatase titanium dioxide grade. The largest China Semu grain production company Huizhou sun god chemical industry, the use of imported titanium dioxide masterbatch production mainly for export, domestic production of titanium dioxide masterbatch to meet domestic market. Because of the fierce competition, the use of anatase titanium dioxide masterbatch has increased, resulted in the low quality of the domestic products of the color does not meet the current needs of society. Only the state for masterbatch masterbatch industry, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, this situation will be eased.

In Chinese, China Color Masterbatch production enterprises 400 homes, mainly in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Tianjin provinces, the annual production capacity of 1000 tons more than more than 50 enterprises across the country. While the total amount of demand of China color masterbatch is less than 120 thousand t/a, the serious oversupply of production capacity, resulting in domestic masterbatch industry generally inadequate, the market competition is very fierce. Because of the serious oversupply of production capacity in the production of new devices rapid growth, products lack of orders and other factors, the domestic color masterbatch, single product structure, less variety, universal products accounted for a large proportion of high concentration and high concentration, multi colored masterbatch and fine denier fiber masterbatch with less proportion is also a an important factor. In countries with higher levels of technology of Color Masterbatch, pigments, dispersants and other varieties of raw materials are complete, has formed a series of specialization and product structure. Only we further control the number of enterprises and the masterbatch, enterprise products to optimize our masterbatch production enterprise to compete in the market has a space for one person, or in foreign products under the impact of China's enterprises will no longer be a place to live in color.

In the foreign Masterbatch Market mainly concentrated in Western Europe, North America and Japan, the production of masterbatch enterprise is more multinational companies or the world's top 500 enterprises, such as the United States Hanna, PoIyone, Ciba-Geigy, switzerland. The Hanna company sold 140 thousand tons a year, and the Colloids company in the UK has a sales performance of $55 million a year. The day before Colloids announced, will be in Jiangsu China building a total area of 3700 square meters, the initial production capacity of 3500 tons of masterbatch production factories, products are mainly targeted at the China local market, but also provide services for some European and American customers. At the same time, the world's leading specialty chemicals manufacturing company to launch a new business line of black masterbatch. The new product uses Clariant CoolBlack technology carefully crafted, with excellent cooling function, will be widely used in the production of textile carpet.

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