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A brief description of the development and advantages of the filling maternal industry

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A brief description of the development and advantages of the filling maternal industry

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As we all know, the development of plastics industry in China has only a few decades. In the 70s of last century, plastic products were still a rare product in the eyes of Chinese people. Now, the plastic with its light, high strength, corrosion resistance, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, the construction machinery manufacturing, automobile and other departments, in some areas, gradually replace the metal and wood; in electronics, electrical appliances and other departments, has become one of the essential materials of plastic; plastic products are widely used in agricultural production and people's life; in the packaging, it can be said that the current has almost no plastic packaging industry modernization.

In the last century at the beginning of 80s, the field of plastic, basically have no concept of the plastic masterbatch; with the progress of industry, gradually into the field of plastic masterbatch. Plastic filled masterbatch is a concentrated body made of plastic auxiliaries that are superimposed on resin. When manufacturing plastic products, it is no longer necessary to add this kind of plastic auxiliaries, and only need to add corresponding master batch. Therefore, it is one of the most important forms of the application of plastic additives in the world today. The advantages are: simple process, convenient operation, easy realization of production automation, improvement of labor productivity, and avoidance of environmental pollution, which is conducive to the healthy and clean production of workers.

As a result, masterbatch is classified by more applications, and at present it has reached dozens of kinds. The main categories are: 1. filled masterbatch; 2. Color Masterbatch; 3. flame retardant masterbatch; 4. polyolefin stabilized maternal material; 5. functional masterbatch; 6. other special masterbatch and so on.

The term "functional masterbatch" is applied to the development of plastics industry and the application of plastic products. Therefore, the general term of materials that can meet the needs of a particular condition in plastic products or plastics processing is therefore. Such as: flame retardant masterbatch, absorbent masterbatch, anti-static masterbatch, open master batch, fogdrop drops, master batch, low temperature masterbatch, brightening masterbatch, brightening masterbatch, toughening master batch, etc.

Strictly speaking, should belong to and function masterbatch masterbatch, color masterbatch but because of the initial role to change the colors of plastic, so give it a professional term "masterbatch, color masterbatch is made of resin and a pigment or dye (50%) preparation of high concentration color mixture.  When processing is mixed with a small amount of color masterbatch and uncoloured resin, the coloring resin or products of the design pigment concentration can be achieved. The advantages of using color masterbatch in plastics are: no environmental pollution, simple coloring, accurate measurement, easy to disperse and so on.

Inorganic powder filling triggering the transformation of masterbatch industry

The application of filled masterbatch in plastic industry is favored by the plastics processing industry in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, save synthetic resins, and bring economic benefits to enterprises. The masterbatch is made up of a carrier resin, a filler and a variety of auxiliaries. The content of masterbatch additives or fillers limit several times to ten times than the actual requirements in the plastic products.

The concentration of fillers and auxiliaries in the filled masterbatch is large. When used, a certain amount of matrix resin must be added, and then processed after mixing, and the filler will play a filling role. Packing and auxiliaries can give special functions of plastic products, such as light, electricity, flame retardancy, degradation, etc., called functional filler materials. The functional masterbatch usually includes color masterbatch, light conversion masterbatch, high efficient insulating film masterbatch, anti fog masterbatch and degrading masterbatch.

The filling masterbatch is widely used in the plastic processing industry, and the areas involved are also expanding. In the plastics industry, the emergence of filler master batch not only increases the characteristics of plastics, but also improves the physical properties and efficiency of plastic products.

The most notable is the use of calcium carbonate filled masterbatch, which can be said to be a change in the plastics processing industry. Calcium carbonate has entered the field of plastics with its unique advantages, and has also saved energy for our country. The application of calcium carbonate accelerates the pace of the application of inorganic powder materials in the plastic field.

With a variety of inorganic powder material is applied to the plastic products, such as: talcum powder, barium sulfate, kaolin, zeolite and so on, the researchers in the field of plastic with different characteristics were used in different systems, change the application characteristics and processing characteristics of plastic products.

The more plastic products, the doomed masterbatch will be more widely used.  At present, about 85% of the raw material production enterprises in China are filled with masterbatch as the leading product, and the economic efficiency has declined significantly. Our enterprises have achieved satisfactory results in developing new products on the basis of their original production.

Science and technology innovation green is the key word of future masterbatch industry

With the development of plastics industry, masterbatch has become an indispensable raw material in the field of plastics. Therefore, a large number of production enterprises based on masterbatch have appeared in China. At present, there are not less than 2000 enterprises engaged in masterbatch in China. At present and in the future, China will still face the complicated and changeable international environment and the arduous task of domestic reform and development. The internal and external environment of manufacturing industry is also showing an important change from before.

In general, the economic environment is prudent and optimistic. As a masterbatch, it is necessary to learn and sum up more, optimize the product line and strengthen its competitiveness. Only by relying on scientific and technological strength, strengthening independent innovation and pursuing continuous improvement, can we provide green, environmental protection and perfect plastic for the world.

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