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Do you know the difference between color and filling master?

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Do you know the difference between color and filling master?

Date:2018-03-08 Author: Click:

Color masterbatch in China variety, color masterbatch, white and black masterbatch, masterbatch. So many kinds of sorts, how should we distinguish it?

Before we understand these masterbatch products, should first of all to understand their different roles, where, as long as we understand the different characteristics of different properties of masterbatch, masterbatch products, know how to identify the color masterbatch.

Color characteristics commonly used: ordinary carbon black polyethylene resin as the carrier, the practice and experience of high temperature. Common carbon black adaptability, easy to evacuate, used in general resin, blowing film, wire, pipe, plastic, plastic, drawing and so on.

Filler masterbatch features: has good plasticity of anti oxygen evacuation, strong aging resistance, large amount of filling characteristics, strengthen the hardness of the product is filled, rigidity, compressive resistance and reduce shrinkage caused by shrinkage and deformation, suitable for the majority of plastic injection molding, sheet, pipe, etc., thereby reducing the the production cost of enterprises.

It can be concluded from the above information, specific differences and filling masterbatch masterbatch, masterbatch and even used filler masterbatch products have in common plastic plastic products, but their role is different, one is color, one is filled, it is their differences.


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