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Silk production will double fiber plastic masterbatch to usher in development opportunities

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Silk production will double fiber plastic masterbatch to usher in development opportunities

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In recent years, the background of the global economic downturn to pipe, film, building materials used in the low-end masterbatch demand fell more obvious, so enterprises should seize the opportunity to color ribbon, vigorously develop the chemical fiber masterbatch.

According to reports, the "13th Five-Year" period, masterbatch industry will promote the PET halogen-free flame retardant color chemical fiber masterbatch R & D, production and demonstration projects, research and technology in the melt melt coloring colorant dispersed evenly in the mixing technology, to meet the practical application of PET chemical products for halogen-free flame retardant clothing, sheets, curtains, carpets and other requirements the development of; multifunctional plastic masterbatch, such as high performance engineering plastic masterbatch, masterbatch, special metal effect of thermoplastic polyurethane color masterbatch, meet the demand of high performance, high brightness, fluorine plastic masterbatch; vigorously promote the dual rotor mixer for mixing equipment, reciprocating single screw twin-screw mixing refining equipment, improved application the equipment in the masterbatch industry, chemical fiber and film industry to meet the high dispersion and stone production line of high yield and high efficiency of the different needs of granulation Requirements and equipment automation.

Plastic masterbatch industry has taken the first step in 13th Five-Year 'development. Last year by the Chinese Textile Science Research Institute, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other 18 units of the joint declaration of the "13th Five-Year" national key research project of the development and application of high quality dope dyed fiber was officially launched. The project team through the change mechanism of spinning dynamics and color of polyester, polyamide fiber, dope dyeing and high dispersion polymerization, and the high performance color masterbatch, preparation method, preparation and application of the database and the establishment of Standard Specification for dope dyed fiber system, test platform forming process, equipment and control system, realize spundyed fiber preparation and application and demonstration of industrial chain. The project will greatly promote the rapid and benign development of polyester and polyamide raw liquid colored fiber industry in China.

According to a survey of more than 200 domestic enterprises of the masterbatch masterbatch, masterbatch industry annual output has reached or exceeded 1 million tons, 80% of the enterprises located in the southeast coast, to 3000~5000 tons of production scale of enterprises.

Plastic masterbatch



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