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Plastic masterbatch Market Outlook is optimistic, titanium dioxide, carbon black enterprises or will benefit

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Plastic masterbatch Market Outlook is optimistic, titanium dioxide, carbon black enterprises or will benefit

Date:2018-03-08 Author: Click:

Recently, Ceresana consultancy issued a global market report on plastic masterbatch. It is expected that by 2024, the global plastic masterbatch Market will grow at an annual growth rate of 3.7%. The report shows that in 2016 the world's total consumption of about 4000000 tons of plastic masterbatch, masterbatch which demand market in the Asia Pacific region accounted for 40% of global demand, the Asia Pacific region accounted for the global color masterbatch revenue income of 1/3.

The load of plastic additives and super constant load is made into concentrated resin in resin. When manufacturing plastic products, it is no longer necessary to add this kind of plastic auxiliaries. The concentrate is called a plastic masterbatch. According to the difference of plastic additives, the plastic masterbatch is divided into: filling master batch, color masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, wear-resistant masterbatch, multifunctional masterbatch, etc.

White Masterbatch + titanium dioxide

Adding plastic masterbatch masterbatch is super constant pigment. The most important type of masterbatch in 2016 is the White Masterbatch. In ~2016 2008, the global demand for White Masterbatch increased at a rate of 2.2%.  Titanium dioxide is the most common white pigment additive in inorganic pigments, and the plastic industry is the second largest user of titanium dioxide.  Although the market price of titanium dioxide is constantly rising, the most used pigment in white masterbatch is the titanium white powder. Titanium white powder is used in White Masterbatch with the following advantages:

High hiding power, high color strength and high achromatic force, which appears white masterbatch.

Improve the heat resistance, light and weather resistance of plastic products, improve the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products, prevent plastic products from being attacked by UV light and avoid fading products.

Titanium white powder is nontoxic. The plastics industry needs to coloring toys, electronic equipment, auto parts, household, plastic film and other daily products, and coloring with titanium dioxide is healthier.

Plastic masterbatch

Black masterbatch + carbon black

According to Ceresana consulting firm released the global plastic masterbatch Market Report data shows: black and white masterbatch is is the greatest demand in masterbatch. The main additive of black masterbatch is carbon black. Carbon black, as a color additive, has a great advantage in many plastic applications. The carbon black pigment can make different plastic shows different blackness, adding carbon black plastic color is difficult to change, even under extreme outdoor environment, it will not fade. At the same time, carbon black is not only a black coloring agent in the plastic, but also anti - ultraviolet aging agent and antistatic agent.

The development of the plastic industry has also led to the development of titanium dioxide, carbon black and other powder enterprises. As the second largest users of titanium dioxide, plastic needs a large amount of titanium dioxide. With the increasing demand for plastic market, the demand for titanium dioxide is also increasing. Titanium dioxide prices will continue to grow steadily, and titanium dioxide enterprises' net profit will also increase. Although the demand for carbon black in plastics is not as large as that in rubber products, carbon black has greater influence on the properties of plastics. Therefore, plastics have higher requirements for carbon black. Plastic Market

Increasing demand brings more demand to carbon black enterprises, and also promotes enterprises to develop more varieties of plastic carbon black.

The application of plastic products is permeated in all fields of the national economy, from packaging products to construction industry to transportation industry and plastic products everywhere. The market of plastics is huge, and the market of additives for plastics is also increasing. For titanium powder and carbon black and other plastics related powder enterprises, this is undoubtedly a big cake. How to divide more profits is a problem that enterprises should think about.



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