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Understand the plastic masterbatch industry clear innovation path

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Understand the plastic masterbatch industry clear innovation path

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The new demand for environmental pressure and downstream synthetic resin is promoting the technological progress of the color plastic masterbatch industry. On a small scale enterprises must adopt masterbatch industry joint enterprise and industry chain cooperation development mode, improve production technology, improve the level of clean production, and lower demand for new high-quality plastic and chemical products, the development of new technology, new formula. In October 11th in Xi'an held the 2017 national plastic masterbatch coloring and academic technology and trade information exchange meeting, the experts put forward the suggestions on the development of masterbatch industry.

Chinese masterbatch Specialized Committee Dyestuff Industry Association Secretary General Qiao Hui introduced the capacity of more than 50 domestic enterprises masterbatch. 2016, color masterbatch in China continues to expand the scale of enterprises, annual production capacity of over 10000 tons of enterprises to further increase, which Guangdong united in the A shares listed, Changzhou Hongmei enterprises listed on the new board, that color is gradually to the development of large-scale enterprises. But compared with other industries, still smaller enterprises masterbatch.

The environmental protection enterprises are facing a lot of pressure, in this year's environmental crisis, many small and medium-sized enterprises encounter production dilemma masterbatch. Qiao Hui said, cleaner production has become the primary problem of survival of small and medium enterprises masterbatch enterprises must actively innovation, improve the production process, reduce the dust and exhaust emissions.

At the same time, in the downstream industry chain, the emergence of a large number of plastic and chemical fiber products of high quality also put forward a new subject for the innovation of the masterbatch industry. Qiao Hui said, with more and more high performance polymer, high performance engineering plastics polyphenylene ether, peek and so difficult to machine began to enter the field of plastic processing, and unique properties of every kinds of engineering plastics masterbatch enterprise to put forward new requirements. To meet these requirements, enterprises must actively develop new masterbatch technology and new formula. At the same time, the pigments, dispersants and equipment manufacturers are also facing new pressure. Enterprises in the industry should examine their technology and products to meet the new requirements of new materials.

No matter the development of the clean production process or the research and development of new technology and new formula, it is not possible to rely on the strength of one enterprise only. President China Dyestuff Industry Association Shi Xianping believes that the current color masterbatch enterprise scale is still relatively small, this is unfavorable for the development of. He hopes that enterprises in the industry can strengthen joint research and development and the upstream and downstream cooperation in the industrial chain. "Companies need both positive color masterbatch and downstream clients, understand the needs of customers; actively at the same time with the upstream raw materials enterprises to communicate, do targeted procurement. Only through the efforts of the whole industry chain can we meet different needs and bring benefits to the enterprises. " Shi Xianping said.

The technology research and development of masterbatch industry is very active. According to Qiao Hui introduction, research development and application of high quality dope dyed fiber masterbatch industry has been included in the "13th Five-Year" national key research plan, chemical liquid coloring technology not only get national attention and support, and masterbatches enterprise companies are actively involved in research and development of chemical fiber masterbatch, the project has made much progress. In the free spraying metal effect on the dispersion properties of Color Masterbatch R & D, has been greatly improved. At the same time, computer technology as a new trend of color masterbatch industry application, masterbatch industry is being driven forward to the intelligent.

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