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The global market average annual growth rate of plastic masterbatch will reach 3.7%

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The global market average annual growth rate of plastic masterbatch will reach 3.7%

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Ceresana consulting company recently released the global plastic masterbatch Market report. The report shows that in 2016 the global consumption of plastic masterbatch is about 4000000 tons, of which the Asia Pacific region accounted for the global market masterbatch Masterbatch Market demand 40%, global color masterbatch

The income of 1/3 of the market is also from the Asia Pacific region.

In addition, the global market with 24% revenue masterbatch from North America, 19% from western europe.

The annual growth of the global market for plastic masterbatch will reach 3.7%

Ceresana is expected to 2024, global Masterbatch Market will grow at an annual rate of 3.7%. The paper studies the White Masterbatch, black masterbatch, colored masterbatch and additive. Masterbatch mainly used in plastics additives can improve the dyeing properties of plastics.

Many different types of additives can also be integrated, such as stabilizers, antioxidants, antistatic agents, and flame retardants.

The demand of black and white masterbatch is the largest

The most important type of masterbatch in 2016 is White Masterbatch, followed by Color Masterbatch, including inorganic pigment dispersion and organic pigment dispersions. In the past 8 years, the demand for white masterpieces in the global market has increased at a rate of 2.2% per year. Titanium dioxide is the most important product of White Masterbatch. The plastics industry needs to coloring toys, electronic equipment, auto parts, household, plastic film and other products, so the demand for titanium dioxide is relatively large. In addition, titanium dioxide can absorb UV radiation, thus avoiding the color fading of colored products due to sun exposure.

Black masterbatch is mainly derived from carbon black additives. Carbon black is usually used for conductive packaging, film, fiber, form, tube and cable. At present, the common terminal product is the garbage bag. Carbon black, as a color additive, has a great advantage in many plastic applications, especially for engineering polymers. It is difficult to change color, even in extreme outdoor environment, it is difficult to fade.

Plastic applications are ubiquitous

The most important applications of the masterbatch in plastics are packaging, construction, transportation, electronic and electrical and industrial products. In 2016, the application of the masterbatch in packaging took up the demand for 31% of the global masterbatch in 2016. The second of the market ranking is the construction industry, followed by industrial products and transportation.

In the field of packaging, packaging bags, such as film, this kind of "packaging" includes all soft plastic packaging bags and films such as color masterbatch, and hard packaging in the yogurt cups, cans, bottles and caps etc.. 2016-2024 years is expected to apply the masterbatch in the field of traffic and transportation will be 3.1% annual growth rate in the field of application is one of the most potential aerospace.

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