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10 aspects to be considered for selecting white plastic masterbatch

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10 aspects to be considered for selecting white plastic masterbatch

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White plastic masterbatch has bright color, dazzlingly beautiful, high tinting strength, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness, hiding power, high mobility characteristics and good heat resistance, is widely used in injection molding, blow molding, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, blown film, foam, sheet, pipe, smoke particles, hollow EVA, blowing, sheet, household appliances, toys, packaging materials, wire and cable, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and leisure goods, packaging bags, bottles and other plastic products industry.

Main technical indexes of White Masterbatch

1, migration resistance (level) [= 4]

2, water content (%) = [0.30]8, [color = 1.50]

3, melting temperature (oC) [125 ~ 200]

4. Dispersion of White Masterbatch: [colorless spots, stripes]

5, fast (level) [5-8]

6. The White Masterbatch is granular with uniform particles and the same color and lustre


In theory, the White Masterbatch, which is in line with the above technical indexes, is good in quality.

Plastic masterbatch

10 aspects to be considered for selecting White Masterbatch

1, whiteness

The whiteness of White Masterbatch mainly by titanium dioxide masterbatch to appear, and the influence factors on titanium dioxide whiteness are many, including particle size, shape and distribution of grain size, impurity types and contents of TiO2 particles and lattice defects. In general, the chlorination of the purity of raw material of titanium dioxide to high and in the preparation process of impurities is less, so the chlorination process titanium dioxide whiteness is better than sulfuric acid method. In the real white market, many White Masterbatch producers impersonate titanium dioxide by adding calcium carbonate with equal ash content, barium sulfate and zinc sulfide. In fact, the whiteness of these inorganic powders is incomparable with titanium dioxide.

2, covering power

The hiding power of white masterbatch is a very important index, good hiding power means that the pigment coloring, to add a small amount of can obtain the desired effect, selection and processing of White Masterbatch zhegaili depends on titanium dioxide, rutile titanium dioxide than anatase titanium dioxide, with the unit the lattice is smaller and more compact, and the greater the rate of refraction, so hiding and UV resistant performance is significantly better than that of anatase, for the use of the same type of rutile titanium dioxide White Masterbatch, titanium dioxide, small particle size, narrow particle size distribution, good hiding power is more obvious than titanium dioxide particle size distribution in width masterbatch Masterbatch on the dispersion, dispersion of good performance. Similarly, the covering power of common calcium carbonate, barium sulfate and zinc sulfide is also not comparable to that of titanium dioxide.

Table 1 the refractive index of different substances


According to the above index, the refractive index of the rutile titanium dioxide and the carrier PE resin has the greatest difference, the dispersion effect is the best, and the covering power is the strongest.

3, dispersivity

The dispersion has an important effect on the application of titanium dioxide in plastics in general, titanium dioxide particle is fine, disperses, the tinting strength is higher, and the need for fine printing in the film, the use of pattern clarity, excellent dispersion of White Masterbatch layering, brightness is better, this is due to the micro smoothing the basement membrane degree is one of the decisive factors in printing quality.

4. Content of water

The moisture content of White Masterbatch also plays an important influence on the performance of the general water content masterbatch, to control 1500ppm, demanding to below 600ppm, the injection molding process in general, before the production of raw materials will be dry, and in the film production, customers are bought and pre carrier mixed directly after use, if the moisture content of masterbatch high, serious will directly lead to rupture of membranes, there will be the formation of bubbles in the film, "crystal" and other defects, and the cause of the high moisture of White Masterbatch masterbatch from raw materials to the process are affected.

5. Smell

Some film producers in the use of White Masterbatch, will smell a strange smell, this film in the milk and food contact in the film is absolutely not allowed. This is mainly due to the color of titanium dioxide in organic process, selection of coating additives improper or adding amount is too large, or masterbatch in the production process of the dispersant has a problem, can replace the White Masterbatch brand.

6, color selection

Rutile titanium dioxide in violet region of low reflectivity, therefore, rutile titanium dioxide has "yellow" tone, "yellow" colors will be colored products to the "old" feeling, and make fine print image brightness and sense level, which is undesirable in many White Masterbatch users, but adding fluorescent whitening agents in trace amounts of titanium dioxide which can absorb ultraviolet light, the wavelength of 300-400nm, and convert the wavelength of blue fluorescence of 400-500nm, so that the White Masterbatch was blue, White Masterbatch users in according to their own needs to consider.

7. Liquidity

Liquidity can be expressed as the White Masterbatch melt index (MI), low flow numerical difference, numerical high liquidity, good liquidity means good processing performance, the machine torque is low, the power consumption is low, when users in the use of White Masterbatch, besides the masterbatch has good fluidity, but also pay attention to the carrier resin the melting point and masterbatch products to fit their own factories, the general principle is higher than that of MI masterbatch carrier resin.

8. The performance of printing hot sealing

Most of the white film products need to be printed and heat sealed. If the calcium carbonate is added to the White Masterbatch, the clarity and brightness of the printed pattern will be affected. The incorrect or excessive dispersant added to the master batch will also affect the heat seal and printing performance.

9, light and weather resistance

The general requirements of White Masterbatch fastness reached 7-8, weatherability reached 4-5, temperature to reach 280 degrees, the quality of these requirements mainly depends on titanium dioxide, to achieve the above conditions must be rutile titanium dioxide.

10, RoHS&FDA

Heavy metal detection and food contact licensing is also an important indicator of White Masterbatch, because many white films will be applied to food packaging, and FDA food certification is a test that must be passed.

Attention to the use of White Masterbatch

1, in order to reduce the color of fiber color, white masterbatch to be diluted, control of mixing ratio, filament of not less than 3% ~ 10%, the staple of not less than 1% ~ 3%, single bulked continuous filament spinning equipment for color, White Masterbatch extrusion machine must be input in the mixture, while increasing the melt mixing ability itself. Can add a mixing device in the extruder section.

2, mixed with White Masterbatch in determining color color formula, the White Masterbatch uniform in spun dispersed in PP slices, is the key to ensure the quality of products, with two kinds of specific methods. One is the weight method and the volume method. After the White Masterbatch is fused in the extruder or the rear part, the polypropylene melt is injected into the polypropylene melt with a small extruder, and the uniformity is good.

3, choose White Masterbatch, according to the selection range of polypropylene masterbatch selection, fine and coarse denier of coarse denier, the white color masterbatch can not be used for fine grade color, color should be considered when the number of spinning fiber denier monofilament, choose the similar level of white masterbatch.

4, the selection of white masterbatch is the best product of the same manufacturer, in order to reduce the cost, high concentration White Masterbatch should be selected. The pigment of white masterbatch has a high, medium and low grade. The White Masterbatch at different levels should be selected appropriately in accordance with the quality requirements of the fiber. In order to avoid the quality variation of finished fiber due to the different light and thermal stability of pigment, we should also select the color of White Masterbatch with the same light and heat stability level when matching color.



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