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Analysis of the use of plastic defoaming masterbatch in plastic products

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Analysis of the use of plastic defoaming masterbatch in plastic products

Date:2018-03-08 Author: Click:

Plastic defoaming masterbatch: high efficiency defoaming masterbatch (also called moisture removal mother material, water absorbing material)

The high efficiency defoaming masterbatch is suitable for all kinds of enterprises which use PE and PP recycled plastic to produce products. The trace moisture contained in raw materials has a very serious impact on the production of plastic products. Therefore, enterprises generally use drying equipment to increase drying equipment, which is a great waste of energy and manpower, and increases the cost of products. Using the masterbatch, which only needs to be added to the raw materials, the production process of the products without any adjustment, it can eliminate the moisture caused by bubbles, moire, cracks, spots and all problems, no adverse effects on physical and mechanical properties of products, energy saving, advance production efficiency, reduce cost. The masterbatch is nontoxic, no odor, no corrosiveness, harmless to the human body.

The method of use: mixing this masterbatch with the raw material directly, can be processed and produced. As for blow molding production, add a ratio of 1% to 2%; as for sheet and injection production, add a ratio of 2% to 5%; the specific proportion, according to the plastic condition of damp, by the user at.

Application area: widely used in membrane products, bag products, sheet products and injection products, etc. five, technical indicators: test items, appearance, grey and white particles, plasticizing good density: (g/cm3) 1.50.1 melt activity rate (g/10min) 15 ~ 25 volatile matter (%) 1.50.5


1. to avoid moisture absorption before the use of the masterbatch.

2. the use of ingredients is better when used.

3. should not be heated and dried together with damp plastic, so as not to cause bad quality in processing.

4. before opening the packaging, check the package is intact, and the unused masterbatch hot seal packaging as soon as possible.

Storage conditions: in a clean, dry, dry, cool, clean place. Do not allow the mother grain packaging damage and exposure to storage, to avoid sun exposure, rain.

Plastic defoaming Masterbatch



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