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What is the use of plastic defoaming masterbatch?

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What is the use of plastic defoaming masterbatch?

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Plastic foam masterbatch is a new type of functional material designed to solve the problem of bubble development, production technology and unique formula of environmental protection by Yan Chau, can be in when processing strong absorption of PE/PP plastic water, can be widely used in PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE and other renewable materials, plastic processing and tide degradable plastics, to ensure product quality and yield, improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

This is both defoaming masterbatch has relatively high requirements in proportion and product storage, then we talk about the safe use of foam masterbatch eliminating Kaijie together.

First add a global cancellation method and filling masterbatch masterbatch is the same, the defoaming masterbatch is not excessive, the excess may play out just when the product is good, after a period of time will show the product surface fog, general plastic defoaming masterbatch recommended that customers add in 1%~3%, achieve the product no problem, and then adjust the proportion, is the best in the quality of products to the case, the defoaming masterbatch proportion is as small as possible.

In addition, in the use of defoaming masterbatch in defoaming masterbatch we must pay attention to the effective use of time, defoaming masterbatch the best use of time is open 4 hours after the general's plastic defoaming masterbatch in 12 hours out there is no problem, also some customers with Qiagen plastic used within 24 hour is reflected the Never mind.

The last is the elimination of packaging and storage methods of global plastic masterbatch, Qiagen per carton defoaming masterbatch is composed of 5 small vacuum packaging, packaging used moistureproof paper plastic packaging in plastic bags. It is stored in a clean, ventilated, dry, sun - free place.

Plastic defoaming Masterbatch



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