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Application prospect of plastic defoaming Masterbatch

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Application prospect of plastic defoaming Masterbatch

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With the attention of the global environmental protection and the progress of the development of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to recycling economy, such as renewable energy, recycling and reuse of waste.

The harm of waste plastics to the environment is also different from others (such as food waste, excrement, old clothes, paper, etc.). Waste plastics is a kind of garbage that is hard to degrade, and it is a long-term deep-seated harm to the environment. For example, the waste plastics mixed into the soil will absorb the moisture in the soil and lead to crop shortage and water shortage. For example, the waste plastics will be poured into the sea and will be eaten by marine organisms as food, and the death of marine organisms will be caused by the inability to digest.

Therefore, what people need to solve is how to recycle the waste plastic and reduce the pollution of the environment.

Waste plastics after picking, classification, cleaning, disinfection, processing into recycled plastic granules, can be used in the process of new plastic products in. The recycled plastic particles contain a certain amount of water, so it must be dried and treated in the process of use. However, the traditional drying method can not completely remove the moisture except increasing production process and increasing manpower and material costs, because the regenerated particles after drying will absorb a small amount of moisture before entering the next step. This is an unfeasible method of water removal for very strict quality production processes.

As a result, after repeated tests, the plastic defoaming masterbatch came into being.

Plastic foam masterbatch (also called plastic masterbatch, masterbatch except water absorbing moisture, defoaming agent, defoaming masterbatch) is a kind of plastic and plastic masterbatch has water absorption capacity, according to its water absorption capacity is added according to a certain proportion to recycled plastic granules, not dry, directly into the process. In this way, the cost caused by the drying process is saved and the content of the excess water is controlled all the way. The production cost is reduced and the quality of the product is improved.

Plastic defoaming masterbatch can be widely used in plastic processing technology, such as injection molding, blowing film, drawing, casting and so on. It is suitable for various kinds of plastic products such as PP, PE, PVC and so on. Because of its powerful function and low price relative to the main material, it is very popular with the plastic production enterprises.

At present, the market of plastic defoaming masterbatch emerge in endlessly, but the quality is also uneven. In the use of plastic defoaming masterbatch, the following factors are often determined: 1, adding proportion; 2, dispersivity; 3, melt index; 4, water absorbency; 5, volatile; 6, appearance.

The market determines the quantity, the supply and demand determine the price. However, quality is the most critical factor. In the process of using, is the compatibility between the master batch and the raw material well, whether there is a phenomenon of blocking or uneven color, is it to achieve the absorption effect, whether it absorbs water and reduces the cost and so on. These are the key to the inspection of a brand plastic defoaming masterbatch.

Ji'nan Dahua plastic processing factory production of plastic foam masterbatch, a series of a variety of products, suitable for PE, PP, PS, ABS and other plastic products and injection molding, film blowing, casting, drawing and other processing, also can produce according to customers tailored to the needs of water removal scheme. Details can be contacted: Zhao Li 15588829763.

In the face of the deterioration of the global environment, human beings should fight against the ecological environment. Waste plastic recycling, the country is a measure. We all have to actively promote recycling of waste, make the ecological circle form a perfect cycle of closure, and make our planet green forever.

Plastic defoaming Masterbatch



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