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Talent recruitment

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Talent recruitment    


From our attention to the talent, to our mode of operation, and then to our values of enterprise always is outstanding.

A. career planning

We know the importance of career development to you. It's just as important to us! Therefore, we have developed a clear and transparent career path to provide multi - dimensional employment opportunities and support for training and development to meet the needs of the job.

B. talent development

No matter what skills, experience, and goals you have, we have a good reputation in the industry's training and development plan.

Yan Chau enterprise mainly to sales, provide the occupation development path clear, more tailored to your training and development plan to help you do your best.

C. feedback Society

We have to be responsible for our lives and work, and encourage all the employees to participate - this is part of our corporate culture.

D. multiple workplace

We accept and appreciate the differences between individual employees, and we want to ensure that each employee can unscruples the true self in the work.

E. welfare treatment

We attach great importance to the importance of health and welfare. The diversity of benefits can ensure that the return you receive is far more than the base salary.

The reward we offer you is not only a cash reward. Good salary, personal bonus, team bonus plus a variety of rewards programs are definitely a good start.

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